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Posted : 29 September 2021
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As the pandemic started in early 2020, until now, it has refrained us from traveling the world like before. First and foremost, we would like to wish all of our friends, partners, and everyone out there to stay safe and healthy. As soon as the situation returns to normal state, we will definitely meet.

Despite the fact that we could not meet one another face to face, sit down and discuss our lucrative business opportunities in food exhibitions around the world, you can arrange a virtual business meeting with us anytime!

Continuously evolving, we have launched a new platform for our customers to meet with our team through our weekly Livestreaming on


Visit Links Below:

1st Livestreaming: Dried Mango

2nd Livestreaming: Dried Ginger

3rd Livestreaming: Dried Pineapple

4th Livestreaming: Dried Banana

5th Livestreaming: Dried Citrus Fruit



Feel free to drop in our replay livestreaming session anytime!


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